Adaptalarm, let your machine express itself

Reach a height

target value Efa France

The adaptalarm can be used, especially on a forklift, to easily reach a height thanks to a sound proportional to the distance of the target area. This is also valid for all other vehicle movements.

Examples of applications

Safety precautions and warnings

safety Efa France

The Adaptalarm is capable of providing safety instructions adapted to the actions made by the operator. But can also warn him of a possible error. Example: Close the gate before moving an aerial lift.

Sound redundancy

adaptalarm sound system Efa France

The adaptalarm can also be used to create a sound identity in your cabin. Thanks to the sounds of validation, operation, or error, the ergonomics of your vehicle will be greatly improved as well as the operators productivity.

The Adaptalarm range

The Adaptalarm is available in 3 versions. Can, can + and bus free.

These variations have been made in order to better meet our customers different expectations. Simply choose the adaptalarm that corresponds to the vehicle connection.

The can version is, of course, designed to be plugged into the vehcile can bus.

If you need to retrace some information to the adaptalarm in analog or in Tor, then, the bus free version is ideal.

Finally if you the vehicle has two means of communication it is the can + that will be the most appropriate.

Technical data with the connection

How does it works ?